Monthly License Purchase

Monthly License can only be purchased if there is a registered APP. Please proceed APP registration first if you don’t have a registered APP.

👉 Read more on APP registration procedure

After clicking the BUY NOW button on the right of the Monthly License product and agreeing the terms, you can go the PAYMENT INFOMATION PAGE.

Check the order and enter the required information.
Written information will only be used for payment purposes and will not be saved.

Contents are as follows.

  • Payment Amount : Will automatically entered according to the selected product.
  • Name: Please enter the name of the payer.
  • Email: Billing notification will be sent to the entered e-mail.
  • Contact Information: Please enter the phone number of the payer
  • Item : Please verify if it is the product you want to purchase.

After pressing button, you will be directed to the Payment Page.

⚠️ Precautions when purchasing Monthly License with a service life remaining

  • If you purchase different type of license, please be informed that the existing license cannot be refunded.
  • If you purchase different type of license, please be informed that the remaining valid period of the existing license cannot be added to the new license.
  • If you purchase a LIAPP BUSINESS license while using LIAPP ON-SITE license, the existing license will be ignored and the newly purchased license will be activated. Please be informed that no refunds will be available for the existing license.
  • If you purchase LIAPP ON-SITE license while using LIAPP BUSINESS license, LIAPP ON-SITE license will be added, but LIAPP BUSINESS features will be only valid until the existing license expiration date and LIAPP ON-SITE features will be applied afterwards.
  • With the apps possessing two types of licenses with service life remaining simultaneously, LIAPP BUSINESS features will be applied preferentially.